Love Is In The Air …Along With Magic

In a few months it’s summer time in the USA, so what season is that??

Baseball? Wedding Season!! And that means I find myself performing close-up sleight of hand magic at many weddings.

If a magician performing for guests at a wedding seems different to you, I get that. That’s the way I felt about the idea when I heard about it at an event planner’s conference over twenty years ago. My understanding is at the time the idea was very popular in high society weddings in the United Kingdom and was only beginning to spread here in the U.S.

FAST FORWARD TWO DECADES …close-up sleight of hand magicians are performing at wedding receptions every weekend. As my wife, Bethany, would say …

“It’s a thing!”

Indeed it is, and for good reasons. Here are a few of them:

Great wedding magic is not bunnies & top hats. It’s amazing sleight of hand performer right under the noses of your guests, generating laughter, amazement and applause.
Here’s How It Works: The magician approaches a table of guests, introduces himself as part of the wedding festivities and performs for a few minutes. Laughter and gasps ensue! And that’s where it’s a MIXER, too! As guests, many of whom never knew each other until that day, share in the fun experience.

You might ask, “Exactly WHEN does a wedding magic perform during the big day?”
During the ceremony? Uh, no, silly.
During the reception meal, dance or toasts? Still no.
The hour after the ceremony and before the reception.
The time when the wedding guests are waiting while the bridal party is usually having pictures taken.
This time, that is so boring for the guests, it doesn’t even have an official name.
Keeping your guests smiling and entertaining during that usually boring hour is something your guests will not only appreciate, but remember for years. What about the DJ? Music tends to be in the background. While nice, it doesn’t keep guests from being bored. When the wedding party is busy with the photographer, the guest just have to, well, sit. That’s it.
BONUS: Photos take longer than expected? Not a problem. The wedding magician will keep adults and even fidgety kids happy and smiling.
BONUS #2: Unlike music with genres that only appeal to demographic slices, great magic appeals to everyone, from grandparents to grandchildren.

Want to make YOUR wedding even more magical?
Drop me a line here with your wedding’s date and location.

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