Keynote Speaking

Looking for an uplifting, encouraging and entertaining speaker for your upcoming corporate or association meeting or convention?

Doc Dixon delivers the goods.
You hire a keynote speaker to inspire, to energize, to entertain, to give wisdom, and to turn a group of people into a singular entity: a focused team.

Doc’s interactive presentations …
…and engage the individual and team.

And it’s not the same old, same old. Doc brings a bit of sleight of hand magic into his presentation, engaging the audience in a fun, interactive manner. And with the occasional hilarious tale of the trials of being a father of seven, he engages the hearts of the audience while using this stories as powerful metaphors.

Doc’s life experience is as a “husband of one, father of seven”, all of his children having come into his life through adoption. His business experiences in the corporate world, as a small business entrepreneur and in entertainment have given him the unique skill set to share message that are relevant, energizing and entertaining.

A few of Doc’s Keynote Motivational and Informative Topics:

The Return of Old School
He’d like to tell you
about his new 18 step secret to success based on research discovered in an ancient secret text written by 7th century Himalayan monks.
He’d like to tell you about his new color-coded, numerically synchronized “MEGA-DAY-CALENDAR” that only takes 90 minutes a day to use.
He’d like to tell you how to sit on your backside, chat with friends all day … and make big bucks and get six pack abs.

But what he’d REALLY like to tell you is that getting ahead requires hard work and smarts. That it’s 99% sweat, perseverance and focus and less than 1% “secrets”.  It’s all about old school fundamentals.  But rather than that truth being a downer, it’s a wonderful and energizing realization that frees a person from chasing rainbows so they can focus on what really bring individual and organizational success.

It’s the perfect presentation for the beginning of the new year or the beginning of a big, new project.

It will get your group focused, prepared and able to have their best year ever.

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