Introducing my newest office coworker, Bella Tiberius Dixon.

Bella the pig

Bella is our 18 month old pot bellied pig. A wonderfully friendly, house broken, affable creature. Best of all, her favorite website is You have to respect that. 

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Thanksgiving Thanks

I have five handsome healthy sons and a beautiful healthy daughter.
I have a cute healthy grandson.
I have the awesome Smokin’ Hot Wife.
I am paid to travel and perform all over the country, seeing things like this …

las vegas cowboy pic

Fremont Street, Las Vegas

And this …

11th Hour Project - 2007, Shot 1, 7:00p.m. to 7:30p.m. (GMT -4 hours)

Longaberger Basket HQ

And of course, this …


A standing ovation near Houston, TX.

And all of this is made possible, not to mention paid for, by the wonderful people that host my shows at their meetings, specials events, trade shows and clubs.

Thank you. May you have a blessed Thanksgiving.


Chris “Doc” Dixon

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A Road Warrior’s Travel Cup Of Choice

I love coffee. 

Not as much as I love my kids or my wife. No, but this love is way more clingy.  If I don’t take a few minutes to drink some every morning and throughout the work day, bad things happen.

Bad things.

My wife is the same way. For those mornings when I’m not on the road, one of the first things I do is bring my wife her coffee in bed. Then she says, “I love you.” 

I spend a lot of time in a car and on planes, so I like to get the details right. One of those is having the perfect travel mug.  No leaking tolerated. No cold coffee after 30 minutes tolerated. With this in mind, here’s my suggestion to make your coffee love life better.

The travel mug of choice: Stainless Steel Thermos 16-Ounce Vacuum-Insulated Travel Tumbler. Does it keep the coffee hot? I’ve had coffee stay hot in this for over five hours. Does it leak? I’ve thrown a full one into my prop case without a drop spilling. Not cheap at $23, but worth it.

You can be sure, if I’m flying or driving to perform at a show near you, one of these cups is near me.

Doc Dixon
Working hard for audiences nationwide since 1982

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What I Learned At The Amusement Park

Two days ago I took my wife, my three year old son, my one year old son and my two year old grandson to an amusement park. Here’s what I learned:

The only thing worse than schlepping around a 4 seater stroller all day is wishing you had. When in doubt, schlepp.

People really spend too much time texting. Live in the now, people.

My kids are better looking than everyone else’s kids.

If you’re a four hundred fifty pound fat guy, do not, I repeat, DO NOT wear a T shirt that is nearly identical to the color of your skin as from thirty yards away this will make you look like a topless four hundred fifty pound fat guy. No one wants that at the amusement park.

It was a fun day. DD

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