Latest News & Tour Dates

The latest news about Doc Dixon. While most of his shows are private events, this page will give you a heads up on his public appearances.

2023 Spring/Summer Theater & Public Event Dates
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While most of Doc’s shows are private and corporate events, the shows listed below are open to the public.

March 19 Gaslight Music Hall, Oro Valley AZ

March 31 & April 1 Amish Door Theater, Wilmot OH

April 27-30 Kellar’s Magic & Comedy Club, Erie PA 

May 19-20 Porky’s Comedy Club, St. Cloud FL

May 26 Lexington Village Theater, Lexington, MI

May 31 – June 7  Seabourn Quest, Venice, Italy

June 8-14 Seabourn Encore, Istanbul, Turkey

June 16-19  Seabourn Sojourn, Barcelona, Spain

July 12-15 FreedomFest, Memphis TN