NEW!! Doc Dixon Swag!!

A few days ago I said this to my lovely bride, Bethany:

“It happened again. One of my theater show clients asked me if I had swag.
You know, t-shirts and stuff.”

And because she is who she is, she created Doc Dixon swag. First, a delightfully quirky selection of three Doc Dixon t-shirts.

A Doc Dixon t-shirt for situations requiring formal attire.
For everyday wear, two glorious t-shirts, one featuring my giant head.
(Please avoid the temptation to wear it inside out.)

The last t-shirt is very dear to my heart. All seven of my incredibly perfect, good looking children came to me through adoption. Years ago my wife created the Adoption Ride logo. It’s a family in a roller coaster. It symbolizes the emotional ups and downs that can occur in foster adoption, finishing in the happiness of having taken the ride.