Performing at Cancun resorts.
Entertaining at corporate events across the country.
Fooling Penn & Teller on national television.
Marrying way out of his league.

Wait. That’s much later in the story. Let’s go back to the beginning of Doc Dixon.

Chris “Doc” Dixon was born just outside of Pittsburgh in the then steel town McKeesport, Pennsylvania. You know that’s true, because that’s not the kind of thing anyone makes up. His first decade was a rough one for him, as he thought his parents were wasting his time making him learn readin’, writin’, and ‘rithmetic. Why, the young man looked at his beloved grandfather, his abuelo, and thought, “I want to be just like Gramps. I need to learn to roll cigars and open a distillery.” Oh, what could have been …

Two pivotal moments happen to a ten year old.

The actual decades old book.

The first moment happened on his tenth birthday (Or was it Christmas? The dates are only 4 days apart, resulting in the classic Christmas/Birthday Gift Skimping Paradox.) His older sister Anita gave him one of the all time classic magic books, The Amateur Magician’s Handbook. Previously he had read other magic books (thank you, Carnegie Library of McKeesport), but this new book had teeth. Despite the “amateur” in its title, the book is one of the most in depth books on sleight of hand available to the general public. And the magic bug bit hard. Now he realized Mom & Pops weren’t wasting his time making him read. How else would he learn sleight of hand? And without arithmetic, how would he keep track of the money?

Our Founders, Gondorff & Hooker

The second moment happened a few weeks later. Mom wanted to see the Best Picture winning classic movie, The Sting. She dragged li’l Doc along. The movie featured one of the greatest card cheating scenes in all of cinema, featuring the edited in talents of John Scarne. He saw that on the big screen. That was it. He decided he would become a card cheat. Later he discovered there’s very little money in cheating at Go Fish, so he turned to magic.

Early Lesson Learned: Always Be Kind
In fifth grade, his class did a little talent show. Doc (still Chris then) did a magic trick. And the other kids laughed at the student who helped him. Ugh. Though the trick got laughs, it got laughs at the expense of the kid helping him. Even at ten years of age he know he didn’t want to be that kind of magician and the memory of that moment never left him. He’d grow up to be hilarious, frequently off the wall, but always kind, welcoming and gracious to his audiences

Teenage Detour: Saving Lives
At the age of sixteen, he became an emergency medical technician in the local volunteer ambulance service, saving lives, splinting broken bones, and once, helping a senior citizen lady out of a bathtub. (To the neighbor that came by with a robe for the dear woman before the ambulance arrived …THANK YOU.) While it’s been decades since he served on an ambulance the nickname from that time, Doc, stuck.

Twenty-two Years Old, It’s Time To Get A Real Job: Card Tricks
In his early twenties, after several years of performing in shows for friends and local events, he decided to get a real job: card tricks. Thirty years later, he’s still at, but traveling nationwide (and “online wide” through Zoom) to meetings, private parties, and special events across the country.

Bonus Magic: In 1999 Did The Best Magic Trick Ever

…Even bigger than fooling Penn & Teller …


Bethany (the beloved Smokin’ Hot Wife) and Doc on their honeymoon.

See that photo booth pic? Yep. The wild-eyed goober Doc conned that sweet woman into marrying him. Twenty years and seven kids later, she still puts up with him. So he fooled her. Here’s how he can amaze you:

Corporate Events & Private Parties

Trade Shows.

Keynote Speaking

Big Show Fundraiser