Big Show Fundraiser

Turn My Big Show Into Your Big Dough™
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If you never hosted a Big Show Fundraiser™, it’s tough to imagine just how much better it is than other fundraisers. 

chainsaw close up

“Has chainsaw. Will saw an audience member in half.”

Even when used with other fundraising approaches, the Big Show Fundraiser is still better. Here’s what I mean: Let’s say your group is selling chocolates. A few months later you decide to sell hoagies and people respond, “You were just selling chocolate a few months ago!! How much junk do I have to eat for you?” One of problems with food-oriented fundraisers is that they all blend together. 

JDRF fundraiser

“Over $2,200.00 raised in one night for the cure for diabetes!”

The Big Show Fundraiser™ doesn’t have that problem. So go ahead. Sell all the chocolates you want. People will still love the idea of coming to a fun, hilarious comedy & magic show that raises money for your group! 

To give you the scoop on what we can do for you, learn about our 7 Step Plan To Turn Our Funny Into Your Money. For ALL the details, contact us here.

7 Steps To Turn My Funny Into Your Money

Step One: Schedule your date, venue and show. 
Date — Pick a date with enough lead time to generate maximum ticket sales. 
Venue — Many clients, like school booster groups, have a place to host the program — in their school auditorium. Many volunteer fire department have meeting halls that work fine. But even if your group doesn’t have a place for the show DON’T WORRY. We can work together to arrange for your group to have a spacious, sometimes even luxurious place to stage your show. 
Show — What’s your group like? Families with kids? Adults looking for a “night on the town” away from the kids? We’ll give you the show that’s perfect for your target audience.

Step Two: Begin selling tickets at a fair price (no $5 candy bars) and with our easy to use promotional tools. (That means selling A LOT of tickets.)
To be blunt, most food-oriented fundraisers are based on selling products at inflated prices. There’s nothing dishonest about this because everyone knows it’s for a good cause. But, even though people realize that, many resent it. That’s just one of the things that makes the Big Show Fundraiser approach so awesome … 

Tickets to our shows usually sell from $15 to $25. In other words, prices comparable to that of a normal comedy club or movie theater ticket. 

Step Three: Start making money ASAP 
Your profits come directly the tickets sales. Our reasonable fee allows you to raise BIG money. The more tickets your group sells the more you make!! Groups can make three, four, even five thousand+ dollars in a night.  Five grand or more in one night is not a bad night’s work for your group. 

Step Four: We give you ways to make even MORE money at the event itself.
By having a printed program for your event, you give local businesses the opportunity to advertise and show their support for your group. Charging them a small fee for the ads often can generate hundreds of dollars. Selling food and drink is another great moneymaker. (By the way, these are just two of the many “piggyback” fundraiser ideas that are shared in the large “Big Show Fundraiser Support Manual” we supply all our clients.) 

Step Five: We put on a hilarious, clean magicomedy show. 
This is the easiest step of all. We literally do all the  work. Where necessary, we even supply lighting and sound for the event. Please sit back, laugh and enjoy the 70+ minutes of hilarious clean magicomedy a Big Show Fundraiser provides. 

A word about clean comedy … 
Some potential sponsors come to us and say, “Listen, it doesn’t matter to us if the comedy is clean or not …” We always just shake our heads and think, “Well, it should matter.” Here’s why: it may not matter to one, two or more people if the jokes are clean. BUT YOU CAN BE CERTAIN IT WILL MATTER TO SOMEONE. And that someone might be another member of the committee, a leader in the community, or a potential donor to your group. 

Step Six: Everybody loves the great show. Everyone goes home happy. 
The wave of excitement and fun that come with a great show can’t be matched by any other fundraiser approach. Not only that, a Big Show Fundraiser™ gives your group and your cause community visibility or, to put it another way, how many times does the paper write a story about a hoagie sale? 

Step Seven (the best part!): Your group leaves with a big fat check and fun memories.
Yeah baby, that’s right! At the end of the night you might have had such a good time you forget how much money you have raised. But we won’t! In fact, will have you and the other “big wigs” in your group gather around for the classic “big check” picture — just like those Publisher’s Clearinghouse winners!! 

Keep in mind, this page is just the briefest outline of how much we can do for your group. To get all the details, visit this page and fill out the easy form.