Church Events

Big Laughs. Big Amazement.

What the churches have said …

“Doc Dixon’s show is wonderful family-friendly entertainment. It’s a great outreach as its appeal is universal and shares the gospel message wonderfully.”
Reverend Dr. Chip Norton, Baptist Pastor, Smithton, PA

“Doc Dixon has provided entertainment for multiple events for our church. Each event has been outstanding. He is professional, engaging, fun, incredibly talented, and a pleasure to work with. There are no dour Presbyterians in the house when he performs – everyone is smiling, laughing, and absolutely amazed by his magic. When our church members know Doc Dixon is on, they come and they bring their friends.”
Aaron Garber, Pastor, Calvin Presbyterian Church , North Huntingdon, PA

“Doc Dixon makes us laugh every time!  We can’t stop inviting him back. His all-age-friendly blend of magic and humor comes off without a hitch.”  Shaun Nolan, Pastor, View Crest Church, Eighty-Four PA

“Doc Dixon delivers a great show. We’ve hosted his shows at our church for several events and he’s always a big hit with the adults, kids, members and visitors alike. He’s both amazing and hilarious.”
Chris Malamisuro, Pastor, Pilgrim Church, Mt. Pleasant, PA

Option #1
A Fun — make that HILARIOUS
Family -Friendly Amazing Illusion Show!

Looking to create an event that’s memorable, wholesome, funny, and shares a gospel message? A PERFECT choice for your VBS? Up to an hour+ of family fun and amazement!

A scene from a Christmas-themed performance …

The young girl inspected Santa’s jacket and confirmed it didn’t have any gifts hidden inside it. Apparently she missed the rabbit! (Photo credit: Barbara Flynn)

Option #2
Half Hilarious Comedy Date Night 

Honest, Heartfelt, Uplifting Adoption Talk

“Hi. I’m Doc Dixon. I’m a husband of one and father of seven. Our daughter is 31. Our six sons are ages 6-14. And all of our boys came into our lives through foster adoption …”

Over a period of eight years my wife, Bethany, and I adopted six incredibly handsome and charming boys. After a few years we realized that we became a go to guidance source for friends who wanted to foster adopt. It’s a role we’ve happily embraced, as we wanted to see others have the happiness and blessings we’ve had. And in that way we’ve been blessed to be part of the adoption beginnings of dozens of kids.

And then we thought, “What if there was a way to share what we’ve learned, the ins and outs, how to navigate the emotional roller coaster, simply how to get it done. And so this event was born …

I’ve performed at dozens of Cancun resorts, live on stage at the Rio Hotel and Casino, I’ve even performed with illusionist legends Penn & Teller on their hit TV show Penn & Teller: Fool Us (Guess what? I even fooled them.) So I know funny. My comedy illusion show is 60 minutes of clean comedy, audience participation, and amazing illusion. The perfect date night experience. Followed by a brief intermission and …

Here’s who I want to talk to tonight: you’re interested in foster adopting. You and your spouse have discussed it. Perhaps you feel the Lord is leading you that way. But you’re nervous. It’s not what you know that makes you nervous. It’s what you do not know. My goal for the next 45-60 minutes is to take those spaces you don’t know and fill those spaces with knowledge, hope, inspiration, and confidence.” And over the next hour I do just that.

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