Online Zoom Fundraiser Show

It’s simply the easiest fundraiser you’ll ever do.

The show itself is sixty minutes of amazing magic & mind reading (like the kind that fooled Penn & Teller), family-friendly comedy, all interactive. The audience doesn’t just watch they show. They experience the show!

Over $4,000 Raised In Only One Night!!

The 3 Steps For My Zoom Magic Comedy Show Fundraiser.

#1 We pick a date and set a ticket price. My team will set up a custom ticket selling webpage exclusively for your event. Within the ticket buying process buyers will have a chance to make an additional donation to your cause, which adds significantly to your earnings.

#2 Three to four weeks ahead of the show you publicize the event through social media and your email list. I’ll furnish you with ad copy to help market your event. Step 2 is really all the work you have to do for this event. A few emails. A few posts. Literally less than 30 minutes of work. In this time of tight budgets and payrolls this advantage is a HUGE.

#3 Sit back and enjoy the show! And earn your organization big bucks and awareness while doing it. And unlike other fundraising approaches where you have BIG UPFRONT COSTS like venue rental and catering, there are NO upfront costs with my Zoom Magic Comedy Show Fundraiser. None. After the show you’ll receive a portion of ticket sales and 100% of the additional donations.

I’d love to partner with you on a show to help your group.

More details? Questions? Drop me a line and let’s talk to get your group on my calendar.