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No one drives trade show traffic & leads to your booth like Doc Dixon

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He combines your product message with his patented brand of “sales entertainment” sleight of hand and sleight of mind in a presentation that will stop traffic at your booth, show prospects your product’s benefits and lead them to your sales representatives.

Here’s the REAL M.A.G.I.C. that Doc Dixon brings to your trade show booth:

M is for Memorability. Prospects remember your product’s benefits. By weaving your company message through his entertaining presentation, your company name becomes the memorable magic word to solve the prospect’s problems

A is for Attention. We’ve all seen it:  A bunch of sales reps standing in their exhbit booth, hoping prospects will stop. “Hope” doesn’t bring traffic to your booth.  Doc Dixon will. A steady stream of prospects will rush to your booth as a result of his traffic-stopping, attention-getting presentations.

G is for Greater Booth Attendance. More leads than ever before. No more just “hope they stop.” Doc Dixon’s presentations command the type of positive and prolonged attention your company deserves.

I is for Informed Leads. Doc doesn’t just stop traffic at your booth. Your prospects will see a live, in-person “magic informercial” for the most important product on earth – YOURS.

C is for Communication. No more “hope they read the brochure.” Doc Dixon IS the brochure that attracts, leads, informs leads and turns them over to your sales representatives. Again, Doc Dixon at your booth is like hosting a live, lead-attracting, infomercial for your products message.

Interested in getting the most trade show leads ever? If you have never seen Doc in action, I am sure all this sounds a “little different”, but it is the one difference that will make a GIANT DIFFERENCE at your next trade show. There’s only one way to appreciate his impact — live and in person and it can be in the convenience of your office.

Click here to contact Doc today for a mind blowing, no obligation demonstration of how he can work his magic at your next trade show.

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