In Business? You Need To Be Giving Away Cigars NOW.

Today I stopped by my local cigar shop, Southern Cigar in Newnan, GA and bought cigars, but left with much more.

The man behind the counter noticed my large Ford Transit van as it pulled in the lot and commented on it. I joked, “I have 6 sons and that’s the official vehicle of dads with a lot of kids.”

He asked how old they were and I replied, “Five to thirteen.”
He said, “I have something for you,” and generously gifted me the six “smokes” you see below. (The deck of cards is there because, well, I always have them nearby. I’m a magician, for Pete’s sake.)

I thanked him profusely for the thoughtful gesture.

So here’s my question for you:

What cigars are you giving away in your business?

Now, just to be clear. I’m not talking about literal cigars, though that’s not a bad idea. I’m talking about gifting the customer. What are your gifts?

I know what mine are. These are ways I add value and express consideration in my work. They are always at the ready. They vary from client to client. Often they improvised for a situation for a specific client, but they are always there.
Never paid for.
Usually unexpected.
Always appreciated.

I can’t tell you some universal action — universal cigar, to continue the metaphor — to give in your business, as every business is different, but I can tell you these actions all spring from …
attention to the customer,
an attitude of service,
and the encouragement of everyone in an organization to serve.

Well, I’m going to smoke one of those wonderful sticks from Southern Cigar now. If you’re ever near Newnan and looking for a good smoke, stop by the place.

I might even light up one after my online virtual show on Zoom, Thursday August 27th, 8pm Eastern. You can get your ticket here.

Until then, keep your ashes long and your scotch close by.


Doc Dixon

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