Even The Grinch Couldn’t Cancel Christmas!!

He stole all their stuff — even Cindy Lou Who’s TREE!!
Yet Christmas morning he bent an ear towards Whoville and what did the Grinch hear?

So let’s not act like it’s possible for anyone to cancel the holidays.

The holidays are STILL on their way.
The holidays are STILL going to happen.
The Grinch, Shutdown, and Work From Home will NOT change that.

The question isn’t WILL the holidays happen — remember, they cannot be cancelled. The question is HOW they will happen.

For decades I’ve helped organizations big and small celebrate the holidays at banquets, parties, and cocktail mixers. I’ve made CFOs appears out of “thin air” in a Santa Claus suit and have helped financial service companies show their clients and prospects a fun evening of appreciation.

And in 2020 I am doing the same thing, but now I am helping groups celebrate the holiday through online Zoom shows and socially distanced holiday events.

Hundreds are gathering virtually, feeling the joy, amazement, hilarity of the show and most importantly, feeling the gratitude to their organization for hosting the event!!

If your group hasn’t made your plans for this holiday season, I understand that because while my calendar is filling up quickly I am STILL getting calls and emails from groups want to have a great, amazing, and fun time.

Contact me today and get in on the fun!

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